Live in Care

A live-in carer can make an incredible difference to an individual’s life with dedicated round-the-clock support. By avoiding change, those using live-in care services can still operate their daily routines staying in the home environment that they enjoy most.  

Live-in Care

At Care in Hand, our staff are regularly supported and mentored so that they can continuously provide the highest level of live-in care, therefore, promoting the positive wellbeing of those they care for. For us, it’s their life and we will make every effort to help them achieve what they want to out of life by working together with a holistic approach.  

Our live-in care service assists people of every age who live in Pembrokeshire, the chance to access 24/7, quality care from highly qualified care professionals all within the comfort and privacy of their own home.  We maintain the highest level of live-in care with our specially trained staff at all times. Every effort we make is about getting to know the individuals we care for by cultivating a relationship of trust, honesty and respect.  

For some, the service offers a critical life-line if suffering from long-term conditions or acute disabilities. For others, it is an appealing alternative to traditional residential or nursing home care, allowing couples or companions the chance to live together. In other cases, it provides much-needed relief and short-term support in the form of respite care. 

Our live-in carers and companions support individuals by: 

  • Supporting their personal care 
  • Assisting with dietary and nutritional needs 
  • Offering companionship 
  • Supporting their medical needs 
  • Helping with housekeeping and domestic requirements  

For those requiring round-the-clock care, sometimes a care home might seem like the only option but more and more families are looking to the benefits of quality live-in care plans.   

Live-in care benefits:  

  • They can stay in their own home and keep their routines 
  • With extra support, their daily life can be much the same with minimal disruption  
  • Care is always at hand therefore this offers peace of mind to individuals and families  
  • They have companionship and familiarity with their carers 
  • Any pets can be cared for too so no need to find them a new home 
  • Their family members can be reassured that live-in carers can be contacted easily and maintain regular communications with them.  

Whilst live-in care allows for familiarity and comfort as a form of care provided within the home, we believe the continuity of carers, many of whom work with a single or small group of clients, brings further comfort through a sense of routine and companionship.    

Whatever the requirement – from simple day-to-day tasks to specific means of support such as  Complex Care (including high-dependency) or  Respite Care (including hospital discharge) – you can rely on Care in Hand. 

Contact us if you want to understand how live-in care may help you or a loved one.