Mental Health During Covid-19

Mental Health during Covid-19

The unprecedented events of 2020 that now follow us into 2021 have affected how many of us are feeling.   

With the restrictions of public movements that can affect, for example, daily visitors, this has had a significant impact on mental health. 

Fear of the unknown and loneliness are 2 of the emotions we often hear from individuals as they come to terms with the isolation and being separated from their families, neighbours and friends. 

It is not surprising therefore that many of those living, especially on their own are understandably feeling scared. 

With a UK national vaccine programme now being rolled out and some of the individuals we care for daily being classified as the high priority group, this has now started to put some worry to ease but the emotions still run high for many.  

At Care in Hand, we have pulled together a few helpful tips that we feel can assist individuals to manage with the pandemic. 

Managing your mental health during Covid-19

Remember, as the lockdowns and restrictions ease and as we navigate the national vaccination programme things should start to improve for everyone. Think about the present moment each day and take time to rest and relax. There are so many uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 but it is important to talk to people you trust.  

If you are worried about a family member and their mental health, we recommend contacting the following organisations that can help:  

Mind – 

Mental Health Matters – 

Age UK 

The Silver Line