Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Encouraging individuals to lead a flexible life underpins our service commitment. At Care in Hand, we want families to be reassured that every opportunity to help improve or maintain an individual’s quality of life with the support available has been fully considered.   

There are several products and systems out there that have been designed to improve the functional capabilities of individuals.  

We want to help families understand what they can access and how they can make an approach to enquiry.  

Assistive Technology starts from ‘No Tech’ services that could include raised lined paper, post-it notes or pencil grips as an example.  Sometimes what might seem the most basic of services to some, could actually offer a great deal of benefit to the individual requiring support.  

Wellbeing has a significant impact on how comfortable, happy and healthy individuals can be and there are ways in which they can lead an independent life, as best they can. 

Telecare systems can support their independence and allow individuals to feel reassured that in the event of a crisis, they have family, carers or neighbours at hand who can respond. 

A community alarm system is a personal alarm system that provides peace of mind and extra support to families. 

The alarm services support functionalities that can suit the visually impaired, hard of hearing and people with mobility and other hearing disabilities.  

There are weekly costs to use the service and you can approach local authorities to enquire about installation.  

For individuals requiring further support, local authorities also offer enhanced lifeline and telecare services some of which include regular welfare checks or additional equipment of technology provisions. 

You can find out more about these services here 

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Alternatively, you can contact Pembrokeshire County Council Contact Centre on 01437 764551. 

Type Talk Tel: 18001 then full number including area code as above.