Privately Referred Care

Making a Referral  

We receive referrals from private individuals and their families regularly.  From the initial enquiry stage right through to a carefully designed care plan, we are dedicated to helping support every individual lead an independent life as much as possible.  

Assessment and planning  

Your first step in the process is to request a care assessment. 

If you are requesting an assessment on behalf of someone else that requires care, they must agree to this (unless they do not have the capacity to make or communicate the decision themselves).   

Our plans are tailored to the needs of each individual and therefore we work hard from the initial outset to identify what is important to them. We recognise from our experience that their needs are unique and are therefore individual to them.  Key to maintaining their physical and mental wellbeing can often we sticking to a familiar routine.   

What is involved in the assessment?  

We will arrange an assessment to identify how the individual requiring care is coping with everyday tasks. Some of the elements we will look at will include: 

  • what you would like to happen  
  • identify your needs and wishes  
  • the emotional and social side of your life 
  • your skills and abilities 
  • your views, religious and cultural background  
  • any existing support networks 
  • any physical difficulties you may experience 
  • any health requirements  



All our care services vary in terms of cost and they are entirely dependent on each individual’s specific needs. At Care in Hand, you or your loved one’s care needs will be determined during the initial personal assessment with a care and support plan and agreed payment method agreed.  

What referral entitlements you might receive 

Each local authority in Wales has a statutory duty by law to assess every individual’s financial situation regarding the payment of care services. 

When seeking finance for care provision for yourself or a loved one, you can ask for a financial assessment, though this should be offered to you on approaching your social services department.  Please refer to our Local Authority Funded Care for further information here.  

How to make a referral 

Anyone can make a referral and our highly trained management team will support you during the process. 

To enquire about any of services, you are welcome to contact us on 01834 811333.  If you would like to make a referral to one of our services, please complete our referral form here.