Complex Care

At Care in Hand, we support individuals with substantial and ongoing care needs. Within our industry, this is often referred to as complex care.  You may also hear this being referred to as long-term or continuing care. Complex care is a holistic care service that provides support in all aspects of the physical, clinical, cognitive and social needs of individuals.

Complex Care

Each individual requiring complex care support has their own unique set of needs and we are dedicated to identifying what they are by putting a carefully considered plan of support in place. This is therefore an entirely bespoke designed service we offer to accommodate the changing needs and individuals wishes over time.  We focus our efforts on recognising, encouraging and promoting an individual’s personal choices along with their independence and quality of life. 

Whatever the extent of the condition, disability or need, we can offer the right level of specialist care and support within the home. Our team of fully trained and qualified professionals include carers who have the ability, specialist skills and experience to provide support for many specialist needs, including Dementia and Alzheimers to Muscular Dystrophy. 

Our specialist complex care services are entirely flexible for each individual. At Care in Hand, we can provide anything from short visits to multiple visits per day with a level of care that is anywhere in between. It is through Complex Care that we would manage Reablement and Palliative/End of Life services.

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We work with a range of clients from the young to the elderly and yet no two care plans are ever the same.  We recognise that all individuals have varying needs and therefore our care provision is reflective in the wide range of services we offerFrom assisting those with a physical disability to mental health rehabilitation, each service we deliver promotes their own wellbeing objectives.  

We take a holistic approach to our work, looking at each individual support needs from a people-focused perspective. At Care in Hand, we invest heavily in professional development for our team members with regular reviews and training delivered to ensure skills and knowledge levels are kept up to date.   

Our vision is to the best that we can be and we do this be providing the highest quality of care for families that need it most and by adopting a flexible approach. To find out more about our organisational culture, please visit our ‘Who we are’ page here