FAQ’s for Privately Referred Care

Yes, but this is only charged if the assessment is completed and then care is cancelled within the first 2 weeks. If the care continues after 2 weeks then the assessment is free.   

A senior member of the care team will attend the property. They will complete all risk assessments and discuss care requirements to formulate a suitable service delivery plan to meet the individual’s needs.  

Yes of course.  We want to ensure their full understanding and involvement in the assessment. This is as much their document as ours and should be written with the feedback from the individual.  

15 min visits are the minimum planned duration of any visit and there is no maximum planned time of care that can be received.   

This is always possible as we understand that from time to time this may be requiredHowever, any changes may not occur overnight as this would depend on the capacity available so as much notice given to Care in Hand will fully support the individual as best we can 

We would suggest you contact the Senior Field Supervisor for your area or our referrals department here and we would look to accommodate this as soon as possible. It is important to note that any increase request would depend on the capacity available at the time before any expectations were met.   

Our job at Care in Hand is to make sure you have the right care provision in place that allows you to lead an independent life as much as possible. We can discuss what care needs you might have and come to an agreement with you on what is likely to meet your needs. This can then be reviewed regularly and changed where required to ensure that the best outcome can be achieved. 

Contact our Referral team at [email protected] or call our main number 01834811333 to discuss care requirements, associated costsavailability and arrange an assessment.