Respite Care

Understanding Respite Care

It is important to recognise when we need a break to recharge and catch up on daily life. Caring for a family member who requires regular home care and support can be on occasions, emotionally and physically demanding. For any carer, this is encouraged for their mental and physical wellbeing, even if it is just to take some time to meet a friend for coffee or run some errands. At Care in Hand, we have also seen how respite care, also referred to as replacement care, can enhance a relationship between a carer and the individual they are caring for. 

We offer a service that provides families with overall peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are receiving the highest level of quality care and support from ourselves, all within the comfort of their own home. At Care in Hand, we ensure that their personal, medical, domestic and social needs are being carefully met with a key goal of helping to improve an individual’s health and wellbeing.  

What do the Care in Hand respite care team provide?

Our respite service will offer a short-term and cost-effective solution that ensures the right level of consistent care. This flexible option will help relieve family, friends or loved ones as well as paid for care assistants on a planned and regular basis throughout the year including cover for holidays, or reactively to cover illness and emergencies. 

Using our respite care services, often helps families a chance to reflect and consider their options for the future when planning a more permanent solution for those they care for. They can see how we coordinate our respite care plans by determining how their loved ones react and adapt to it.  This ensures that practical solutions can be considered for the future with confidence.   

Our services also cover hospital discharge including post-operative care during the rehabilitation process. We can provide intensive support for short term care, to ensure rapid recovery. We begin this with a supervised assessment pre-hospital discharge to fully understand the physical and emotional needs. From this point, we can then make our recommendations for a respite care home plan.  

We cover a range of conditions and for an informal chat, you can contact us here.

How will it benefit those being cared for?

Often respite care is seen as an opportunity for a carer to have a break but there are many benefits to someone being care for too.  Some of these benefits can include: 

  • Increases their wellbeing. Please visit our wellbeing page here. 
  • Preparation for the possibility of future full-time residential care 
  • Improve their social interaction with others 
  • Introduce new energy to the home environment  
  • Enjoy new experiences with our Care in Hand respite care team 
  • Help improve a relationship between carer and those they care for 

We have been operating our respite care services successfully for 16 years.  By choosing Care in Hand, we want to leave you safe in the knowledge that your loved ones emotional and physical needs are being consistently met with the highest level of care and attention.  

If you would like to have an informal chat about the benefits of respite care, you can contact us today here.