CIW Inspection 2023

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Another great report for 2023!!

Our long awaited CIW Inspection Report 2023 has been published and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The Inspector was very happy with everything that he saw and with everything that he was told by both service users and staff, so we wish to extend a big big thank you and well done to our workforce!

The 2023 report can be found here >>

We also wanted to re-share our previous report which was one of our best to date… proud as punch!!

In 2022, our annual inspection report from CIW was full of praise and recognition, and one of our service users summarised our strength and resilience perfectly in the report saying, “It’s been a tough two years, but they never fail to deliver.”Delan Umanee said” I am proud to be the Responsible Individual in our workforce, and I’m truly delighted that CIW saw the great efforts the workforce brings to the table and the high-quality support and care we provide. A huge well done, and congratulations to us all”.

The full report for 2022 can be accessed here >>